Aircraft Management

Our approach
"Our strategy is simple: we have as many strategies as we have Owners." Renaud Helies

Despite its reputation as a symbol of extravagance, owning a private plane can help preserve your most precious:


The aviation industry is complex. The aircraft acquisition is only the first step of the owning process and many solutions are offered to you for it's operation.

For an Owner, the appropriate selection of the management solution is from highest importance and has a direct impact on cost optimization and safety.

Therefore, we believe that the most fundamental aspect of an Owner - Company work relation is:


To build up this Trust relation, Speedwings aims to preserve the group's "human" scale" whilst growing, offering our Owner a direct access to persons in charge, invoices, sub-contracts and all operational relevant details. Owners are accompanied by pilots nominated as "Aircraft Owner Assistant".

Regardless of the management solution you choose, our Team will provide you the highest level of service and expertise, without compromising at any moment the number one priority: