Charter flights
“Safety is not only a saying in Speedwings: it's a concept.
Pilot selection, training, experience, culture, aircraft maintenance, flight planning, flight preparation: every single element is designed for the number one priority: Safety.” Gaël Baruselli, Chief Pilot
Speedwings charter - Safety

Your favorite newspapers, coffee the way you like it, catering tailored to your diet, a well known crew, your car ready and warm at the arrival... we'll make your journey unique

Speedwings charter - Safety

EXCELLENCE requires collaboration with high quality partners. We select the catering, handling and transport providers we work with very carefully. Our team audits the potential partners' facilities and ensure that they meet our high standards of service before any further collaboration takes place.

Speedwings charter - Quality Partners

Management, crew, dispatch departement, maintenance departement, ground staff, drivers, ...: we are all commited to make your journey safe, confortable and relaxed.

Speedwings charter - Teamwork

A Practical example

You are living in Fribourg, and you have to join a business meeting in Anvers and later on in Valencienne.

Hiring a private jet, you can complete the journey in 12h10

The same journey using the airline forces you to overnight in Anvers, permitting a return only on the next day. Total trip time: 39h30

Speedwings charter - Maximize time
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