Speedwings Handling Services

Payerne Aeropole
Welcome in our brand new facilities

The perfect gateway to Western Switzerland ! Our heated hangars offer 6'600m2 of Premium Aircraft Residence, adjacent to the VIP and General Aviation Terminal and welcomes any aircraft up to 9m height, meaning the biggest Bombardier, Dassault of Gulfstream fits in. We ensure efficient aircraft and passengers handling thanks to our dedicated GA/BA Terminal which restrains passengers, crew and staff flows, preserving your comfort, discretion and health safety.
Flights outside Schengen area can be handled directly in Payerne Airport as Customs have their own office inside our Terminal. Because your time is valuable to us, we ensure fast tracks and short passengers’ path. Our on-the-ramp fuel truck, board-to-board transfers possibility, and convenient location 4 min away from the motorway ensure hassle free access to your plane.
Our on-site rooms equipped with private showers and 4 stars like amenities enable crew to relax, and perform preflight duties in a quiet and protected environment, with direct access to their plane and crew lounge area.

"It is our Corporate Responsibility to reduce our environment impact. We have therefore decided for a 100% electric Ground Support Equipment such as belt loader, tractor, towing units and GPUs.
Electric power is delivered from our 4’000 sqm solar panels installation on the roof Terminal and crew car e-models are also available on site." Samuel Werner


VIP lounges
Pilot lounge
Ground Power Unit
Toilet service
Passenger or crew transportation


Fuel, Oil servicing
Nitrogen and Oxygen services
Toilet and water services
Cleaning services (exterior and cabin)
Laundry / Dish cleaning
Latest generation push back (Mototok)
Belt loader
Ground Power Unit

Thanks to the Customs on site and our status, flights from/to all over the world can be handled directly in Payerne. Because your time is valuable to us, we ensure fast tracks, on the ramp fuel truck, board-to-board transfers, and quick access to the motorway.

Make a discerning choice,
fly from Payerne Airport for your next trip !

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