Aircraft Management

Every day, we need to adapt to our social and economic environment to find the best solutions for our customers.

Today, we proudly offer:

  • Austrian Air Transport Certificate

    With the benefit of an 83 bis agreement, we can not only operate Austrian-registered aircrafts commercially, but also Swiss-registered ones.

  • French Air Transport Certificate

    In response to a strong demand from Owners, we created a new French Air Transport Certificate. From now on, we can operate your French-registered aircraft commercially.

  • 32 years of Experience and Expertise

    Since 1987, Speedwings is striving to keep its homely, independant, convivial and professional atmosphere, to offer a unique experience of Excellence.

  • A fleet of 9 modern Jets

    With the arrival of our brand new Embraer Praetor 600, we are pleased to be present on the short, medium and long-haul segment.

  • Premium Aircraft Residences

    Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to find a hangar space for your jet. Visit our Payerne facilities, were we offer 6'600 m2 of brand new heated and fully secured hangar spaces.

  • 24/24 & 7/7 OPS service

    Having our own operation Team ensures the highest level of confidentiality and flexibility. You can entrust the complete flight and journey preparation to our OPS Team even if your aircraft is not operated under our Air Transport Certificate.

  • Part-NCC: Non Commercial operations

    Speedwings offers its experience to guide you in the creation and in the management of your Part-NCC operation.

  • Do you need any other service ?

    Our dedicated Team is ready to meet the challenge.
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